Pictures preparing for the plastic arts festival


The Department of “Istanbuli Theater” and the “Tero Society for the Arts” announced the holding of the first session of the “International Tire Festival of Fine Arts” between July 26 and July 31 at the “Lebanese National Theater” in Tire (southern Lebanon). The festival includes cinematic and musical shows, and an exhibition of photographs and graphics that participated in the electronic campaign under the slogan “We paint against racism”, for equality and freedom of expression and against discrimination.

(Sally Younes – Lebanon)

About 72 artists from 12 countries participated in the campaign, during which digital training courses were held for children. The festival will be held in cooperation with the “Colors Forum”, and the events will be broadcast via Social Media.
The actor and director Qasim Istanbouli, founder of “Istinbouli Theater”, affirms that “we all must take responsibility in these difficult health and economic conditions … Therefore, the exhibition will be limited to a small number of participants, the public, and artists residing in Lebanon only, provided that the festival activities are divided between reality and the world The default ».

* “International Tire Festival of Fine Arts”: from 26 to 31 July – starting from six in the evening – “Lebanese National Theater” (Tire – southern Lebanon). For inquiries: 81/870124


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