Pictures of trucks in circulation are untrue and they are from one of the Arab countries


The General Directorate of Lebanese Customs stated that “some social media circulated a recorded image of a convoy of trucks and tanks, and made statements that these trucks transport goods across the Lebanese border.”

The Directorate pointed out that “it is important for the General Directorate of Customs to clarify that the news is a shame about health, and after searching for the source of the image posted on one of these sites, it was found that the trailers and tanks are not in Lebanon but are attributed to one of the Arab countries,” stressing that they “are exercising their duties and duties.” On the level of combating smuggling at home, and coordinated with the leadership of the army regarding the border crossings, so clarification was required to prevent misleading public opinion. ”

The head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, published on his Twitter account, a picture of a convoy of trucks, noting that “for the skeptics, what is the difference between these trucks and Syrian trucks, but the mountains themselves.”


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