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Opened in Vietnam, the first hotel in the world in 24-karat gold-plated from the outside and inside, and the guest costs 1000 dollars for one night stay in one of the suites.

The Dulce Golden Hanoi Hotel is located on the bank of Lake Jiangfu in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital. It is the first gold hotel of its kind in the world, whose façade is covered with real gold leaf.

The hotel contains a gold-plated “lobby”, as well as gold-plated furniture, a washbasin, and a bathtub, as well as a series of ornamental and gold-covered accessories.

Vietnam began building it 11 years ago .. It set a date to complete its construction before organizing the Formula One race in 2020. The hotel has always drawn attention from many passers-by after creating a part of it covered with tiles of gold that shines in the daylight, and consists of 25 floors and 400 room.

Hotels are often proud that their rooms are gold-plated or there are certain pieces in them such as door handles or valves covered with a golden color, and this is not new in the world, but covering the hotel’s exterior with gold leaves is what is impressive and surprising, especially in an economically modest country like Vietnam.




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