Pictures .. a lightning operation of the International Theft Crime Bureau


The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division announced, in a statement that, “As a result of extensive and continuous investigations and investigations, the International Anti-Theft Crime Unit in the Judicial Police Unit was able to dismantle a gang of three persons active in the field of car theft, within the governorates of Beirut and Mount Lebanon. “.He pointed out that, “On 10-7-2020, a force from the aforementioned office carried out a security operation, kidnapping and concurrently, in the areas of Abi Samra, Mariata and Nimreen, which resulted in the arrest of the gang members, who are: A.A. (born in 1993, Lebanese), A.H. (Born in 1995, Lebanese) was caught with a handgun, and M.H. (born in 1981, Lebanese).

The statement pointed out that “by interrogating them, they confessed that they had stolen / 8 / Mercedes and Honda cars, and five stolen cars were seized and handed over to their owners, and it was also found that the first detainee has a right to search and investigate the crime of stealing cars, and with the right of the third detainee / 4 / Judicial prosecutions, one of which is the crime of attempted murder, which requires him to imprison him for a period of / 15 / years with hard labor.

The investigation is under the supervision of the competent judiciary.


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