Photo and video .. Paris Hilton announces her candidacy for the presidency of America 2020


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Paris Hilton, the American TV personality, actress and singer, announced her candidacy for the US presidential race to be held in November 2020, through her official pages on social media, fueling a debate about whether she really intends to With that.

Hilton posted pictures of her tweeting on her Twitter page lying on the presidential office in the Oval Office in the White House, saying in a comment: “After a long reflection, I decided that the Oval Office needed to be redesigned and a feminine touch …”

In another tweet, Hilton posted a second photo of her over the Presidential Office saying, “Do I redesign the Oval Office into a heart-shaped desk?”

Heaton also posted a video clip answering some questions, including who would run as vice president, saying, “She will be Riana, she is beautiful and talented, and I think she will be a wonderful vice president …”


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