Peas improve memory and restore youth


A Russian doctor at the Samara Research Institute for Dietetics and Dietetics, Michael Ginsburg, announced that peas can significantly prevent cancer development and bone strengthening, and according to the expert, legumes have the effect of rejuvenation, weight loss and memory improvement.

The expert said on the channel “Russia 1” that the peas contain a lot of protein and silicon. These components are extremely important in skin rejuvenation and strengthening of bones, ligaments and joints.

The nutritionist added that all legumes, and peas are no exception, contain nicotinic acid. This substance demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and protected blood vessel walls from atherosclerosis and other age-related diseases.

Eating peas regularly helps prevent cancer cell growth. Peas also improve memory, and their vitamin B1 content, makes it beneficial for the brain and the entire central nervous system.

The dietitian drew attention to the fact that not only peas are beneficial, but also their peel, as they are rich in ascorbic acid and dietary fiber, and therefore can be eaten. This will help regulate blood sugar levels and contribute to weight loss.


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