OnePlus Nord is the latest smartphone to undergo hardness tests


The OnePlus Nord phone was officially unveiled last week along with the OnePlus Buds wireless earphones, and videos about this phone have already started making their way to YouTube, including a video showing us the OnePlus Nord subject to a range of hardness tests Posted by JerryRigEverything on YouTube.

When it comes to scratches, it turns out that the OnePlus Nord phone screen is scratch resistant up to the sixth level of the Mohs scale like most smartphones available on the market today. The worrying thing here is that the in-screen fingerprint sensor needs a clear view of your finger through the glass. The good news is that this fingerprint sensor resists scratches and works fine even if the front glass layer is scratched.

As for the back facade, it comes with a crystal ornament, and while it resists light scratches, we do not think we can say the same with some elements known to scratch the glass like granite tables. And when it comes to screen burning test, it turns out that the OnePlus Nord phone screen is not fireproof, it is forever damaged and does not recover, unlike some screens. As always, the video has ended with the bend test, but we cannot tell you the result of this test in order not to spoil the end, so watch the video below for details.


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