Omar Kamal announces the date of his concert in the Emirates


Festival singer Omar Kamal revealed his party in Dubai on Sunday, July 26th, through his personal account on social networking sites “Tik Tok”.

Omar participated, a new video through the “Instagram” application, commenting: “My first concerts in the UAE.”

The video received a lot of admiration and the comments said: “Star of Stars, the best party de la la, we love you so much.”

For his part, the media center of the Syndicate of Musical Professions denied that the Syndicate Council had discussed at its last meeting any matter related to the currently suspended affiliate member Omar Kamal or any matter pertaining to a particular case, stressing that there was no truth to what was published on that matter.

The union statement added that the media center is the reference for the syndicate news.

He pointed out that the last meeting of the Council was limited to discussing general matters related to the General Assembly and the economic crisis it faces due to the interruption of resources and the disruption of 38 thousand active and affiliated members from work for several months after the spread of the “Covid-19” virus, and in compliance with the decision of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee Supreme to fight against corona.

He continued, that this stopping had a great impact on the union’s ability to face this crisis despite its success over the past years in increasing its deposits and economic returns to face the treatment project, the pension fund and other items that drain several million per month.


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