Nubia yearns for the Nubia Red Magic 5S with Snapdragon 865 + processor


Smartphones that are part of the Nubia Red Magic Series lineup have always been on the cutting edge in terms of technical specifications, and given that Qualcomm already announced the Snapdragon 865 + processor last week and confirmed its arrival with a range of smartphones, it was only a matter of time before it Nubia announces its latest smartphone with this new processor.

CEO of sub-brand Nubia of ZTE, Mr. Ni Fei, today went to the Chinese social network Weibo to thrill the upcoming Nubia Red Magic 5S phone, which will be the first phone equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 +.

The prominent CEO of the Chinese company has longed for the logo of the phone, which has been translated into “Beyond the Place,” knowing that this post was published using the Nubia Red Magic 5S phone. We currently do not have any information about the other technical specifications of this phone or any other information, but based on previous models of the brand, we expect to see a screen at a high rate at the level of update, a large battery, and a distinctive design that attracts players.



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