Not just the clash of the summit … Juventus and Lazio and the search for 3 things


A fiery summit will be witnessed by the Italian stadiums tonight when the champion Juventus will host his team, the Lazio capital team, in the top of the 34th round of the Italian League matches season (2019 – 2020).

This season saw Juventus and Lazio pull at the top before the other pair, Inter Milan and Atalanta, entered the conflict, but in the end the “old lady” team is in the lead even if it is going through its worst seasons.

It is true that tonight’s struggle will be the biggest goal is to consolidate the lead and talk here about Juventus, or compete for the summit until the last minute and here is the talk about the away team Lazio.

Strengthening the lead:

This round is still titled “The Gift Tour” in favor of Juventus, and the reason is that his opponents were disrupted by the exit of Atalanta, the result of a draw against Hellas Verona (1-1), before Inter Milan also came out with a draw result from the capital “Olympique” against Rome with two goals for each team.

Juventus are now at the top of the standings with 77 points, the difference with its closest followers Inter is five points, and six points for Atalanta, and here if the “old lady” team wins the victory, the difference will be 8 points from the second-placed four rounds before the end, which means that the Turin giant put a hand The title to keep it for the ninth season in a row.


The motto of Juventus and Lazio, apart from winning and three points, is to restore stability in the ranks of each camp after a series of disappointing results within the two teams.

Juventus in the last three weeks did not know the meaning of winning after the harsh loss from Milan by four, and after that, a draw against Atalanta and Sassuolo.

These results put Mauricio Sari’s position in shape, as the level and results were not required given the great potential in forming the team that has the white and black shirt.

As for Lazio, the situation is not much different after the “Eagles” team lost 11 points out of 12, the capital team lost from Milan Lecce and Sassuolo, then tied negatively in the last round against Udinese.

Lazio’s recent results have made the team retreat from the lead to the fourth place with 69 points, 8 points away from Juventus.

And of course Lazio’s victory will make him regain confidence and enter the second place, which Inter currently occupies with 72 points, while reducing the difference of points to five with the leaders Juventus.


Juventus have a third goal of tonight’s game other than the lead and restoring confidence, but also revenge from Lazio, which dealt two strikes for the old lady in the current season, whether in the League or Italian Super League.

The start of the league, specifically in the 15th round at the “Olympic” stadium in the first round encounter, where Lazio overcame its stadium and its fans with three goals against one goal.

This result was repeated again, but in the Italian Super match which was held at the end of last year at the “King Saud University” stadium in Saudi Arabia, Lazio was crowned the fifth title in its history.


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