North Korea closes its borders amid an extreme emergency against Corona



North Korea has closed its borders and the border city of Gaeseong, amid a state of extreme emergency against the emerging corona virus.

“The city of Gaeseong has been completely closed, and the quarantine and diagnostic procedures are being strictly enforced,” the North Korean Central News Agency said Tuesday.

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North Korea monitors the first suspected case of corona

She stated that the provision of inspection equipment, quarantine materials and various medicines is being rushed, and that checks and quarantine procedures are being conducted on the residents of Kaesong city.

She noted that the necessary daily necessities are being provided for the lives of the residents who are subject to sanitary isolation in the city.

This came after the North Korean media reported that a North Korean dissident suspected of having Corona had returned to the North from South Korea.

North Korea appears to be focusing its efforts on preventing the outbreak of the virus in the border city of Gaeseong, which is the birthplace of the defector and to which he has returned.

On the other hand, North Korea continues its efforts to prevent cross-border spread of the virus.

The Central News Agency said that the tightening procedures for the land and sea borders and the demarcation line of the inter-Korean military border have been tightened, more guard posts established and more troops deployed to key sites.

North Korea’s media, including the Central News Agency, reported on Sunday that a North Korean dissident was suspected of having contracted Corona across the illegal military demarcation line on July 19 to return to North Korea after 3 years of fleeing to the south.

Source: Yonhap


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