Nikki Minaj announces her pregnancy with her first child


Nikki Minaj announces her pregnancy with her first child

Tuesday – 30 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1441 AH – 21 July 2020 CE

Nikki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Beatty (Business Insider)

Washington: «Middle East Online»

American rapper Nikki Minaj announced yesterday that she is pregnant with her first child, by posting pictures via “Instagram” that clearly show her pregnancy.
One of the pictures was accompanied by a message in which he said, “Love.” The 37-year-old singer, born in Trinidad and Tobago, who grew up in the Queens neighborhood of New York, attached a photo. marriage. Baby stroller. I am filled with enthusiasm and gratitude. I thank all of you for your happiness, ”reported the French Press Agency.
The singer is married to Kenneth Beatty, American music production official. She surprised her fans in September, by announcing her intention to stay away from the art scene to focus on her family life. However, she returned from this announcement and promised to release new songs to be added to her series of successes, including “Starships”, “Bang Bang” and “Super Pass”.




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