Newspaper: Britain asks Japan for alternatives to Huawei in its networks for the fifth generation


Fujitsu logo in Japan with a photo from the Reuters archive.

TOKYO (Reuters) – The British government has asked Japan to help build the fifth generation of its wireless networks without Huawei Technologies, the Nikkei business newspaper said on Sunday, citing NEC and Fujitsu as potential alternative suppliers.

The newspaper added, without referring to any sources, that British officials met with their counterparts in Tokyo on Thursday, two days after Britain issued orders to exclude Huawei equipment from its fifth-generation networks by the end of 2027.

The newspaper said that this step reflects Britain’s efforts to bring in new suppliers of equipment to enhance competition and help reduce the costs of its wireless networks in Britain.

British Minister of Information Oliver Duden said last week that Britain was working with its allies to promote strong competitors for Huawei and mentioned the names of companies from Finland, Sweden, South Korea and Japan.

Prepared by Ahmed Sobhi Khalifa for the Arab Bulletin


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