News about Murad Yildirim’s wife aborting her fetus for the fifth time!


Turkish star Murad Yildirim surprised his followers with a new image while he was in the southern coastal city of Bodrum with his Moroccan wife, Iman Albani, who looked very thin despite the news that confirmed her pregnancy with her first child.

Yildirim confirmed the news that had been circulated about his wife aborting the child again, as the builder appeared in the pictures with a sad, flat abdomen and there are no features of pregnancy.

The Turkish press reported the response of the Turkish actor when asked about his wife’s pregnancy, in which he said: “Currently there is no such thing, and we will share with you the good news if it happens.”

And Turkish sources pointed out that Albani has already lost her fetus, and that her husband decided to console her on this leave in order to improve their morale and forget what happened.

The sources added that this is not the second time that the builder is aborted, rather it is the fifth time, but it is the second, because the pregnancy reached the second or almost the third month for the second time only. The other three times she was aborting at the beginning of the pregnancy, according to what was reported in the Turkish press.


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