News 24 | “Trade” Provides Several Tips to Avoid Falling into the Electronic Fraud Trap (Video)


Foot , A number of advice for electronic consumers to avoid falling into the online fraud trap, in light of the increased reliance on electronic stores.

Al-Hussein said in an interview with Al-Arabiya channel that the electronic shopper must be armed with knowledge and awareness, which are two things that do not need great skill, recommending to ask about the store or the electronic account before buying from it.

He pointed out that the electronic markets are open and have a variation in price, and you may find the commodity at an exorbitant price in one of the stores and at a lower price in another store, adding that the consumer should search for price differences in different stores.

He added that the consumer must have the ability to search, even in a simple way, noting the importance of using a well-known platform so that the consumer can follow any store he wants to buy from.

He pointed out that it is necessary to watch and read the comments and opinions of store users and their assessments and know whether they advise dealing with the store or not, noting that these opinions are an opportunity for stores to listen to the experiences of consumers.


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