News 24 | Schools start to qualify for the second stage of the early childhood initiative for the new school season


The various education departments began to rehabilitate and equip schools for the second stage of the early childhood initiative in the coming academic year, and opened the door for registration in 1460 schools, for male and female students who are new to kindergarten and transferred in the first grades.

The Ministry of Education stated, according to “Al-Watan”, that it had finished preparing 3 thousand and 313 classrooms in kindergartens to accommodate 82.8 thousand students, in addition to equipping 3 thousand and 483 classes in early childhood schools, to accommodate 80.6 thousand students.

The Ministry confirmed that the coverage rate for children on waiting list for the academic year 1440/1441 was 75%, an increase of 50% compared to the previous two academic years, while the enrollment rate for kindergartens for the last academic year amounted to 21%, an increase of 4% over the year 1439/1440 AH.

The initiative aims to expand early childhood schools to increase opportunities for enrollment in kindergarten, improve the quality of education at this stage of the age of male and female students, and raise the efficiency of utilizing available resources, develop children’s skills, build their personalities and instill self-confidence.


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