News 24 | “Al-Zaqqa”: Today the sun will be perpendicular to the Kaaba at noon .. At that time, the qiblah can be determined from anywhere in the world (video)


Astronomer Dr. Khaled Al-Zaqqa said that today, Wednesday, the sun will perpendicular to the Holy Kaaba at the time of the noon call at the Sacred Mosque, specifically at exactly 12 and 26 minutes.

Al-Zaqqa ‘added that the meaning of this orthogonality is that everyone who will see the sun at this moment will be the future of the qiblah, regardless of its location anywhere in the world, indicating that Islamic scholars were using this method to determine the qiblah with extreme accuracy.

He explained that the identification of the qiblah in the past was by placing a person on the ground, as the person has a shadow, adding that at the point where the shadow meets the person, it will be the direction of the kiss.


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