New detail, Raheem Sterling, brings Real Madrid closer


Newspaper reports indicated that Raheem Sterling, Attacker Manchester City, Is close to joining the ranks Real Madrid In the coming seasons.

The newspaper “The Times” confirmed that a company AdidasMindful to wear Sterling white shirt next season.

And the British newspaper revealed that Rahim will sign a two million contract with IDAS in the coming days after the end of his contract with Nike on July 31, and he will receive about 10 million dollars in one season.

After signing the new sponsorship contract, the international company will act as a mediator between Real Madrid and the player, in order to reach an agreement that will facilitate the arrival of Sterling to the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium.

And if this deal is concluded, it will be a bomb in the transfer market at the sports and commercial levels, and for Idas it will be profitable, especially because it will include her family a big star in global football, in addition to joining an ancient team under his care as well, and not any team, It is Real Madrid.

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And the “Times” revealed that there is a major dilemma represented in the Royal Club’s plan in the transfer market, and its unwillingness to contract with any player due to the economic situation of Al-Maringi.Sterling has a contract with Citizen until 2023 and its market value, according to the “Transfer Market” of 128 million euros, is why Adidas will have to struggle to reduce this value if it wants to convince the riyal of this deal.

And undoubtedly, the transfer of Sterling to Real Madrid will be a big deal, given that he is currently one of the best players, having scored 27 goals during this season in all competitions, and for the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola is essential, and participated in all games after the resumption of competitions except for the Burnley match in Round 30, in the UEFA Champions League, the team’s top scorer is equally with Gabriel Jesus and with good numbers for big stars such as Benzema 4 goals, Salah 4 and Neymar 3 goals.

Another problem that Al-Maringi will face is the necessity of creating a seat for the Sterling in the white squad list, especially that he suffers from a multiple increase in the wing of the wing with the presence of 6 players, Bill, Rodrigo, Vinicius Jr., Vasquez, Ibrahim Diaz and Asensio, this without counting James Rodriguez who is able to play in this position.

That is why before studying the inclusion of Sterling this region must be managed or one of the players sold for good or on loan, but Real is confident in his list that helped him crown the 34th title in La Liga history, but Adidas has other plans, and the summer run is still long.


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