New coach nominated to succeed Kiki Sittin in Barcelona – Erm News


Spanish media have linked Barcelona to hiring a new coach, to succeed the current coach, Kiki City.

The newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” said that Jorge Mendes, the famous player agent, offered the services of French coach Laurent Blanc to Barcelona and Valencia two weeks ago.

Blanc, 54, has been without a job since separating from Paris Saint-Germain in 2016, knowing that he led France and Bordeaux.

Previously, he played for Barcelona in the 1996/97 season, won a Spanish Cup title, and won the Spanish Super Cup, and participated in that season in 38 games.

The newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” revealed the results of the meeting of Barcelona club president Josia Maria Bartomeo with the coach of the team, Kiki Sitten, after losing the League title, which went to Real Madrid.

The newspaper reported that the results of the meeting were not new, as Kiki Sittin will continue in his post, despite reports that he played the last match at Camp Nou against Osasuna, on Thursday, in the Spanish League.

The newspaper, close to Barcelona, ​​said that Sittin, 61, assured Bartomeo of his ability to turn the situation around and restore the prestige of the Catalan club.

And “Mondo Deportivo” confirmed that Sittin is the one who will lead Barcelona against Napoli, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, on August 8, at the Camp Nou.

Doubts were raised about Sittin remaining as Barcelona coach, after Real Madrid won the Spanish League title, by defeating Villarreal 2/1, Barcelona losing 1/2 to Osasuna at Camp Nou.

This is the first loss for the Catalan club at home in La Liga this season.

This news comes despite the fact that Lionel Messi, the Barca star, said yesterday after the defeat against Osasuna: “From January (when Ernesto Valverde was sacked and Sittin came) so far, everything was very bad.”

The results of the meeting were different from the desire of Argentine star Lionel Messi, Barcelona legend, who said after the loss against Osasuna: “Since January (where Valverde was sacked and appointed Sittin) everything happens in the club strange and bad, we lost a lot of points, and the match is a summary of this season.”


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