Netflix continues to attract unexpected numbers of subscribers


New York – Broadcast broadcast giant Netflix attracted 10.1 million new subscribers in the second quarter of the year, to continue a significant escalation that you would not have anticipated had it not been for the Corona pandemic that forced people to stay in their homes.

However, the platform expected a slowdown in growth during the third quarter due to the relaxation of restrictions linked to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Netflix added about 15.8 million new subscribers to its subscriber base during the first quarter of this year, which increased twice the expectations, in light of the increased demand for entertainment services in the world due to the restrictions imposed on the movements of people in various countries to contain the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid – 19).

The number of subscribers is approaching during the first half of this year from the threshold of 27 million new subscribers in its paid services, especially thanks to its diverse contents consisting of thousands of hours of programming, and this number roughly corresponds to the number of new subscribers for the whole of 2019, which amounted to 28 million, according to Netflix, which has become 192.95 million Mutual.

However, the company indicated that “growth is witnessing, as expected, a slowdown in parallel to the decline in the impact of Covid-19’s basic shock on consumers and easing restrictions,” expecting that the number of new subscribers in the third quarter will not exceed 2.5 million.

Netflix net profit more than doubled in the second quarter to $ 720 million. Its turnover increased by 25 percent to $ 6.15 billion, slightly more than expected ($ 6.08 billion).

The group indicated that it would resume “quietly producing content in the world, with projects, especially in Asia and some European countries.” Netflix has relocated two films in California and two other animated films in Oregon.

But she pointed out that “the current trends in new casualties are increasing the uncertainty” about projects in the United States.

And I mentioned previously that due to the pause in the filming of Hollywood artwork due to the pandemic, “some money was delayed by almost a quarter.”


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