Netanyahu is awaiting the annexation decision from Washington: pessimism, skepticism, and internal strife


Israel’s decision to annex a third of the West Bank has already been issued, and if it was prevented by its implementation, a conservative US decision imposed on Tel Aviv suspended. If Washington decides to lift its reservation, Tel Aviv will accelerate the implementation of what it allows without delay, in form, content and timing, as there is no objection to Israeli weight that prevents annexation.What is reported in Tel Aviv by informing it about reservations here and there within the political or security establishment, or what Israel receives from the positions rejected and condemned regionally and internationally, does not in fact prevent annexation. All the consequences that can be described negatively from inside and outside the entity, remain ineffective and “without teeth”, and Tel Aviv does not discourage the implementation of the annexation if Washington permits it.
But when will the American decision be issued? The answer remains uncertain and not final, unless the decision is issued by Donald Trump himself, who crystallizes his decisions in the most general without linking him to circles and levels of staff, its traditional function mainly in preparing professional decisions and determining their paths and then formulating them.
The prime minister of Israel understands and is subject to the decisive influence of the American factor, even though the decision is linked in his context to his own will, and nothing Israeli can prevent if his American premises are achieved. This is what Netanyahu himself alluded to in his indirect response to his critics and his accusation of submitting to the Israeli left, as he had not fulfilled the annexation as scheduled on the first of July.
Netanyahu stressed that the decision is made after studying it well with the American side and preparing in advance for its consequences, which requires more time and discussion with Washington, stressing that the “Blue and White” party has no income or influence in all matters related to the annexation decision, timing, form and content. Netanyahu believes this, as the coalition agreement with “Blue and White” is withdrawn from Security Minister Bani Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, and with them from their party, that is, “veto” on the annexation decision, even if they oppose it and vote in the government and the Knesset against it.
So, it is an American will that Netanyahu is waiting for to crystallize, before he initiates an Israeli annexation decision and then implements it. In that, the Haaretz newspaper quotes a Likud minister who participated in one of the recent sessions chaired by Netanyahu for the leaders of his Likud party, his emphasis on American facts that affect the Israeli decision, and the most important of which is Trump’s preoccupation with his issues, because «what interests the White House is not in Israel, but by Corona virus and economic deterioration and various internal problems in addition to the great interest in the upcoming presidential elections, while the momentum that was (towards Israel) is dissipated.
In the words of the Likud minister, what explains Netanyahu’s waiting for what is coming from the United States after the first of July without any annexation; “Since the US negotiator left Tel Aviv to return to Washington, Netanyahu has heard pessimism and skepticism about the annexation plan, even though he is still insisting on getting something of weight from the Americans. Pending the US decision, which he does not know when will come, if he comes, he (Netanyahu) will not take any step related to the annexation.
The American uncertainty over the annexation disturbs Netanyahu’s political plan internally, which he has been seeking to achieve its merits in the past weeks: annexation, and then a dispute over the approval of the budget in the government, so the coalition decided to go to a fourth early election.
In light of the breakdown of the non-right camp and its separation after the defection of Bani Gantz and Ashkenazi from him, Netanyahu is betting, with a high level of preference for him, on the victory of the right-wing camp in the new early elections, followed by the formation of a pure right-wing government that will guarantee him long stability in the premiership, while achieving the goal of immunity against a path Criminal trial initiated by the Israeli judiciary against him in corruption and bribery cases.
In that, Netanyahu sought to achieve the introductions, mainly the annexation plan, with all that guaranteed him to continue in his position as prime minister during the dissolution of the Knesset and go to early elections. The government’s “excess” and veto the coalition agreement, with no significant achievements for Netanyahu, specifically the annexation plan, are inconsistent with the goals that he wants to cross this stage and is accomplished for. It is one of Bani Gantz’s weapons, in contrast, and explains his insistence on rejecting the annexation and linking it to a set of conditions that Netanyahu cannot accept. And if Gantz also hinted that he is aware of the coalition’s fragility, by saying that a political event might happen every day that would dissolve the government. According to “Yediot Aharonot,” this “threat” comes in the wake of numerous differences between him and Netanyahu, which culminated in the “sovereignty” (annexation) plan.
Nevertheless, Gantz left the impression that he was ready to soften the stance on the continuation of the government, since he too was affected if it was decided to solve it: “From week to week we learn – I and the prime minister – to cope with differences and how to work better.” And in that, too, Gantz told Israeli Army Radio yesterday that early elections would be “irresponsible” and “very bad” for Israel at this time.
Gantz also has a weapon that does not possess all its elements, even though it is considered an effective weapon in the face of Netanyahu, and it shows a significant position for Gantz himself as an unbowed leader of the Likud, as the American side prevents annexation, until now, by sticking to what he says is “consensus within the Israeli government.” “That is, he adheres to the necessity of accepting Gantz – Ashkenazi before he approves the decision, with the awareness of Washington that Bani Gantz and Ashkenazi will not agree to pass the annexation plan, and if the coalition agreement between them and Netanyahu takes away any effect on the annexation if they vote against him in the government, then it is possible Netanyahu passes the annexation even with their opposition.
The weapon of Bani Gantz is the requirement that the Americans agree to the annexation before they ratify it, and it is an American refusal to annex with Israeli tools, the effects of which will end if Washington changes its position on the annexation. Until Trump decides to back down and bless the step of complete seizure of the Palestinian land, in the form and content he wants and serve his goals, Gantz will stick to his rejectionist position, which shows him stubborn and peer to Netanyahu, in order to reduce the possible destabilization of the position that was seriously disrupted, after he turned against the will His voters and coalition in the government with Netanyahu.
Against this background, Gantz’s talk about rejection of annexation and the need to take care of other files, such as unemployment and the negative effects of “corona” on the economy, is also an integral part of an early election campaign he is preparing for, knowing that he may resort to it suddenly and quickly, exactly as it was mentioned in His statements: “Dissolution of the government is possible on any day.”

American uncertainty over the annexation confuses Netanyahu’s political plan internally

In harmony with Gantz’s position, General Director of the Ministry of Security, Major-General Udi Adam, said in an interview with Army Radio yesterday, that “Israel cannot fully implement the annexation plan as is being talked about, because it has no capacity for comprehensive implementation.”
What enhances Gantz’s standing and harms Netanyahu’s goals, is the “haredi consent of the Gantz-Ashkenazi duo”, which makes it difficult for Netanyahu to dissolve the Knesset and go to early elections, although this difficulty does not completely prevent the possibility from being abolished from its basis. A senior source in the “Likud” says in an interview with the Hebrew Channel 11 that “the Haredim do not want to dissolve the coalition, for the people of Gantz are keeping pace with them and do not mistake them.” Likewise, Ashkenazi’s foreign minister maintains the relationship with the Haredim. ” The source added that “the opposition of the Haredim to dissolve the coalition is a failure for the prime minister, and it would make it difficult for him to achieve one of his most important goals” later after the annexation.
The lesson and benefit from the review here is the interpretation of what is coming from Israel about the annexation, its introductions, its causes and the internal disputes towards it, whether in terms of pushing or blocking the annexation. There is no meaning, significance, or influence on the two sides of the polarization in Tel Aviv, in the fact that the West Bank is occupied and robbed of its owners, as the Palestinian right is another, and perhaps outside, handing over the interest of Israelis and the political arc that represents them the best representation in the political establishment, whether on the right or the middle or whatever Left crumbs left. At the same time, the aforementioned aims to reaffirm that the actual decision maker regarding annexation is the American side, in terms of the timing of the annexation or the form of its release, as well as its content. This is understood from the words of Netanyahu himself, that is, one of the highest levels of political decision in Tel Aviv, after he was the subject of analyzes. The annexation decision was and remains American, and once approval is received from Washington, he will be expelled Israeli, and then work to implement it.


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