Naya Rivera: Ventura police confirm her death and the resumption of search for the body


Ventura County Police Office said actress Naya Rivera died after she disappeared in a lake in southern California.
“We assume that an accident has occurred and we assume that it sank in the lake,” Rep. Chris Dyer told a news conference on Thursday.
He noted that the goal is to return Miss Naya Rivera to her family.
Rivera, 33, disappeared from Piru Lake on Wednesday evening, went to the lake that afternoon and rented a floating boat with her 4-year-old son, according to the authorities.
On Thursday, Dyer noted that the boat was behind schedule at 4 pm local time in California.
Dyer said, Rivera’s son was on the boat, but could not find her place and a life jacket was found on the boat and the boy was wearing another jacket.
Investigators found Rivera’s wallet and identity, but there was no further evidence of the boat.
The search efforts began immediately and continued until 10:00 pm on Wednesday.
The police office said the search resumed on Thursday morning and will continue until sunset and resume at dawn, if necessary.
A video from the dock shows Rivera and her son, and they are the only two people boarding the boat.
He noted that the investigators spoke to Ibn Rivera and as a result of that the hadiths do not believe that Rivera reached the beach.
Police said the boat did not dock, was not near the shore when it was found, and the depth of the area where it was found is approximately 30 feet.
She pointed out that the lake is very low visibility as there are many plants and trees in the research area, which makes it unsafe for divers and a more complex search.
“If the body is involved in something under the water, it may never come back.
Rivera has played Santana Lopez on Fox for six years from 2009, and has appeared in almost every episode of musical comedy drama.
She also participated in the CBS comedy series “The Royal Family” and in the comedy movie “Master of Disguise.”


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