Naya Rivera Sinks: The actress’s attempt to save her son has sapped her energy


The police chief of Ventura County, California, USA, Bill Ayoub, revealed today (Tuesday) that actress Naya Rivera used her energy to save her 4-year-old son before her death, according to CNN.

Ayoub said: “She had had enough energy to bring her son back on the boat, but not enough to save herself.”

The Ventura Provincial Sheriff’s Office said during a press conference that a corpse discovered on Monday morning in Lake Peru had been identified as a previous “boiling” actress.

Rivera and her son rented a boat floating in Lake Peru on Wednesday. The child told rescuers that he and his mother had plunged into the water to swim, but they did not return to the boat. He told investigators he looked back and saw it disappear under the water’s surface, Ayoub said.

Her son was found asleep on a floating boat. A life jacket was found on the boat and the boy was wearing another jacket.

Rivera was lost last week, according to the local police.

Ayoub explained that the rescue teams managed to recover the actress’s body after she was seen floating in the lake, noting that preliminary investigations showed that the death was caused by an accidental drowning, according to the French Press Agency.

Ayoub said, “We believe that the body we found was the body of Naya Rivera,” based on the place where it was located, its form and what it was wearing. He pointed out that a forensic doctor will perform the autopsy to verify the identity of the owner from a fingerprint, but pointed out that the police did not receive reports of the loss of anyone else in the lake.

Rivera sank a show in the lake, where she and her four-year-old son were in a boat that she rented on July 8. Rivera did not appear since, so the authorities launched a large search operation on the same day with the participation of a large number of divers, backed by helicopters.

Ayoub predicted that the sinking of Rivera would return to the strong water currents that are sometimes witnessed in Lake Peru. The lake was closed to the public to facilitate the search.

Ayoub added: “We believe that the plants at the bottom of the lake blocked the body, until it floated to the surface of the water due to the decomposition process.” He stated that underwater vision was limited and did not exceed 30 centimeters.

Rivera was famous for her performance of Santana Lopez in the “Glee” series in which she participated for six seasons (2009-2015).

This American high school television act was a great success and ended in 2015.

Rivera has also recently participated in the “Divius Maids” and “Step Up: High Water” series. She divorced in the year 2018 from the father of the child, actor Ryan Dorsey, and they were taking turns custody.


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