Nawal Al-Zoghbi uses an image of Imam Musa al-Sadr .. What did you comment on?


The artist Nawal Al Zoghbi used an image published by the Imam, Mr. Musa Al Sadr, who is known for his humility and dedication to the patriotism, to express her dissatisfaction with the actions of politicians in Lebanon.

Nawal published on her Twitter account a picture showing Imam al-Sadr lying on a modest mattress, to which she attached a comment: “To every leader, see how he slept. # Imam_Mosa_ Sadr Where is justice ?? Where is the life of people ?? !! “.

On the other hand, Nawal finished recording a song in the Egyptian dialect and conducted a referendum for her fans on the way to vote on the name of the song and wrote: “What do you expect the name of the Egyptian song to be recorded today?”, And I set three options, which are: “The happiest moment, my greetings, or my life is me”, So far, the title “The Happiest Moment” had the most vote.


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