Nancy Ajram’s husband reveals the secret of firing 18 bullets into their house and confirms: “He died unjust.”


The husband of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram revealed, for the first time, the secret of firing 18 bullets at the storm of their house in Lebanon, the Syrian Mohamed Al-Mousa.The dentist, Fadi Al-Hashem, said in the documentary “The Complete Novel,” which began showing on Thursday on the “Shahid VIP” digital platform, that he was shooting in the dark, and all his concern at that moment was to protect his family.

He continued: “When the dead man started shooting inside the house, I did not think, and I confronted him from the opposite side with several bullets without my awareness.”

“I did the thing I had no choice,” Fadi said. “This is someone who died unjust, not wronged, and the wrongdoing of his family.”

The documentary also presented the view of the dead family, who assert that the truth is known only to God.


It is noteworthy that the villa of Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram in New Suhaila in Lebanon was subjected to a “robbery attempt” in January, according to the narration of Nancy and her husband, by Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, which ended with the shooting and killing of Al-Mousa immediately by her husband Fadi Al-Hashem .

The Lebanese Public Prosecution had referred Fadi al-Hashem to the investigation after the accident, due to intentional killing in the event of self-defense.

The case created a case of controversy over the fact that the dead man was a Syrian national, which aroused the ire of some, which reached the accusation of some that the dead man’s nationality affected the course of the investigations, and his exploitation by some to describe the Syrians as criminals, which prompted Syrian artists to attack that reaction.

According to the “LBC” channel, investigations revealed that the dead man searched for the two stars Najwa Karam and Haifa Wehbe, via the Internet, and sought to know their residence.



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