Nancy Ajram raises the flag of surrender in front of her two daughters: “I have insisted on” Tik Tok “(video)


Far from the romantic and positive atmosphere that artist Nancy Ajram seeks to include in the works that guide her to her fans, Ajram fans love the spontaneous personality that is closest to natural and far away from gossip. She announced yesterday Ajram officially joining the world of “Tik Tok”, and she appeared with her two daughters, Ella and Mila, who have extensive experience in this entertainment world, especially her daughter Mila, who has become familiar with this world and employs her talents permanently.

Ajram has previously confirmed that she refuses to join her daughter to this application because of her young age, noting that it is a waste of time, calling on mothers to push their children to return to the book, but this statement was soon dissipated after the continued insistence of Ella and Mela on their mother to enter the world of Tik Tok Which achieved a result in favor of my two daughters Ajram. The last one posted a funny video showing her two daughters going after her, to announce her surrender and agree to join this world.

And she published her first video on “Tik Tok”, in which she appeared alongside both Ella and Mila, who evaluated the first video of their mother on their way: “Bonjour, I insisted on Tik Tok.”


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