Nader Shawky: Egyptian clubs presented fictional numbers for Ramadan Sobhi “I was afraid for what I heard”


Nader Shawky, agent of Ramadan Sobhi, player of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, revealed that an Egyptian club has offered fictional numbers to sign his client.

Shawky said during his speech on the OnTime Sport channel, “There are Egyptian teams that offered fictional numbers for Ramadan Sobhi.

“Ramadan rejected these imaginary sums because if he thinks about the money there is more than my turn in which he can get that money, and there are clubs that denied that they are negotiating with Ramadan even though they are negotiating with him.”

He continued, “I was afraid when I heard the number, because all the talented players could sit in Egypt and take the large sums de, and forget the dream of professionalism before the money.”

Shawky went on to talk about the offers submitted for contracting with Ramadan Sobhi.

“I had a session with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib in the past few months, and I told him that if he arrived to Ramadan a good show through which he could blow up his talent, he would be professional, but if there is an offer in which there is a risk we will not agree to it, and he will continue in Al-Ahly.”


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