Myriam Atallah highlights the era of beautiful art through her new clip


Syrian actress Myriam Atallah has finished shooting a new music video, entitled “Every hour and a day,” under the direction of director Rendali Qudaih and produced by Al Anoud Production.

Myriam cooperates in this work with the mighty artist Ihssan Al Mundhir in terms of words, melodies and music distribution, while mixing and mastering are arranged by Elie Berber.

In the details of this modern song, Miriam brings us back to the color of the original song that our listeners longed for, as the song “Hourly and Day” will reap Arab success and spread in an attempt with the work team to present a fine art that combines originality and modernity (modern).

Regarding the video clip, it sheds light on the era of beautiful art, as it brings back to the public minds Nostalgia the era of the fifties in which Arab art lived a golden age. The clip “Hourly and Day” under the title “Butterfly of Eastern Art”.

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