Mustafa Al-Agha undergoes brain-video surgery


Syrian media announcedMustafa Al-AghaOn his undergoing brain surgery, as he documented through his personal page on a social networking site the moment he entered the process, by publishing a video clip in which he appeared wearing the operation clothes and put a muzzle on his mouth as a precaution to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus, but he appeared in a good psychological state and was He laughs before entering the operating room.
Commenting on the video, saying: “Thank God, today a simple lumbar operation was performed in the Saudi German Hospital Dubai to remove pressure from the brain. All thanks to the Director-General, Dr. Reem Othman, for the follow-up and interested, and for Dr. Mohamed Fouad, and for the friend of age, Adam Al-Ammari, Ghalia, and Mardini’s spinning for the great interest that is not surprising from the group.” .
A large number of followers interacted with the video, as they wished him good health and a speedy recovery, so that the Aga would return and publish a picture in which he wrote: “Loving people is a more important wealth of money, the warmth of the family is a bond, a shelter and a homeland, and physical and mental health is a gift from God and at the same time your responsibility is you, morality and good-hearted is more important From certificates, social backgrounds, fake status … and peace of mind, wishful thinking.
He concluded by saying: “Whoever had all these things was (His Excellency) … Oh God, make us among them, thank you, but whoever asks and reassures that I am well and sit on your heart.”


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