Mukhtar Mukhtar: Jose was “worried” about me … and a strong argument broke out between us because of one of the players


Mukhtar Mukhtar, coach of the first football team of the Military Production Club, revealed the instability of the relationship between him and the former coach of the Al-Ahly club, Manuel Jose, when he was his assistant in the technical staff.

“When I was an assistant to Manuel Jose at Al-Ahly club, I felt like he was worried about me, I don’t know the reason, but surely someone told him something about me,” Mukhtar said while speaking on OnTime Sport.

“I was his assistant and I was only doing what he asked for, but sometimes I suggest some things but he did not listen to me, but I was surprised because he did not know me in advance so why did he worry about me, even when I was talking to anyone who was attentive to the conversation and focused in a way Big until he knows what’s going on between us. “

He continued, “In one of the matches during that period, I was talking to a player and I gave him some instructions, but Jose appeared very nervous and asked that no one else interfere or speak.”

“When we entered the dressing room, I told him that he should not talk to me in this way in front of the players, and a strong argument broke out between us, and the ball manager Alaa Abdel Sadiq at that time was seeing that I did the right thing because there was no justification for what Jose was doing with me.”

And the technical director of Military Production added, “Currently, I work with some assistants and let them inform me of any thing they think about. If it is in my interest and in the interests of the team to make them implement them, these people help me, so how do they not have a role?”

“Before the end of that year, I went to Captain Tariq Salim and told him that this is my last year with Manuel Jose and that I will leave at the end of the season, which is what really happened,” Mukhtar Mukhtar concluded.


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