Muhammad Nasrallah: Traditional food articles were adopted in its infancy – Saudi Arabia News


The writer and journalist Mohamed Reda Nasrallah regretted the state of the Saudi monetary movement today, considering that it does not break down the text and rebuild it again, but rather deals with traditional and limited interpretations.

He said in a meeting organized by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority as part of a series of virtual dialogue meetings held by the authority under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture: “After a generation of academics from Dr. Mansour Al-Hazmi and Dr. Ezzat Khattab, and Dr. Saad Al-Bazei followed them, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghazami came, and I am one of those who adopted the publication of his articles when I supervised the weekly attachment of Riyadh and it was very traditional. “He added that he used to reply about the precedence of a Nazik or Al-Siyab in free poetry, and we in our cultural field feel weird, we want to contradict the texts.”

Nasrallah denounced the act of foodstuff earlier, by removing a lengthy article by one of his personalities from his book, “The Culture of Questions,” as soon as he disagreed with his opinion. ? ».

He turned back the clock, reviewing during the meeting various aspects of his career, and his meetings with the writer Tawfiq al-Hakim and writer Naguib Mahfouz.

Nasrallah called on the Ministry of Culture to adopt a survey study of the Saudi cultural reality.


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