Muhammad Mehrez denies writing the second part of “stupid of it in it”


Some time ago there was talk about introducing the second part of the movie “Stupid in it” by Hani Ramzy, and that the author Mohamed Mehrez is writing it.
Mehrez responded to this news, explaining that it is incorrect and has nothing to do with this film.

Mahrez published on his Facebook account his picture with the director Sameh Abdel Aziz and wrote: “To clarify to all the respected journalists brothers, what was reported from the news that we (Amin Jamal_Mohammed Mahrez) wrote a stupid movie in which it was part 2, it is not true.”

Mahrez explained the reason for the spread of this news: “There is an ambiguity after we signed a movie written by (Amin Jamal_Mohammed Mahrez) with Dana Company directed by Professor Sameh Abdel Aziz, and the name of the movie and its heroes will be announced, God willing, when the writing is complete.”

The movie “Stupid in it” starring, Hani Ramzi, Hassi Hosni, Nelly Karim, Talaat Zakaria, Abdullah Musharraf, Saeed Tarabeek, Sami Maghawry, Story, Screenplay, Ahmed Abdullah’s dialogue and directed by Rami Imam, produced in 2004.


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