Much happened on Mars and NASA is preparing for this


Wednesday, July 15, 2020 The time is 12:40 in the morning(Yemen Press – Follow-up)

In a new preparation for NASA to explore the exciting secrets of Mars, a spacecraft will be launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, between July 30 and August 15.

Science magazine has published a video showing the work of the spacecraft, which will reveal the secrets of the planet much to the interest of space scientists.

In detail, according to the magazine, the mission is to connect the most recent Rover agency of the Space Agency, Perseverance, to an unknown crater known as Giziero, which is more like an ancient lake that could provide a window into the climatic history of Mars.

She added that the vehicle will include a new helicopter designed specifically to fly on Mars, in addition to 43 packages to collect different samples, and the vehicle will have multiple robotic arms, so that it will take samples that NASA hopes to return to Earth and examine.

This comes at a time when scientists hope to find organic compounds that can indicate the presence of microorganisms, which will mean the existence of an ancient life on this red planet.

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