Mortada Mansour reveals the “Club of the Century” surprise for Zamalek fans (video)


The head of the Egyptian Zamalek Football Club, Mortada Mansour, revealed today, Friday, in a video clip broadcast on his channel on YouTube, the surprise promised by the fans of the White Castle.

The fans of the white team waited for the surprise to be revealed, Thursday evening, through the Al-Nadi channel, but it was banned broadcast live.

Mansour said in the video that he registered the intellectual property right in favor of Zamalek in the title of “Real Century Football Club”.

He added that he registered the trademark with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, and became the title of the “Real Century Football Club”, owned by Zamalek Club only, and no one has the right to use it during the coming period.

The President of Zamalek issued an ultimatum to Al-Ahly, the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, to remove the title of Al-Qarn Club, because it had become an intellectual property of Zamalek Club after registering it with the official authorities.

Mansour also denounced the decision of the Egyptian Media Company to ban the broadcast of these details on the Zamalek club channel.

It is noteworthy that the African Football Confederation, CAF, had granted Al-Ahly the title of the best team in Africa in the twentieth century in 2000, while its rival Zamalek came second, a decision that Mansour considers unjust and illogical.

The Zamalek board of directors, chaired by Mansour, has long sought to restore “the rights of the club, its fans and its members to the title of the Club of the Horn of Africa”, as “the white team is the most culminating in the continental championships more than any other team.”

Source: Agencies


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