Monza confirms the establishment of the Italian Grand Prix without an audience


The promoters of the Italian Grand Prix in Monza have confirmed that the Formula One race will take place behind closed doors without the crowd attending.

After canceling the first ten races of the season due to the outbreak of the Corvand-19 epidemic, Formula One managed to launch the 2020 season earlier this month from the Austria Gate, where all races were held so far without an audience, and with a limited number of work crews. Inside the arenas.

The tournament leaders hope that the fans will return to the races by the fall, as the tickets for the Grand Prix Russia were already put up for sale in September, in light of the optimism of Formula One about opening the door for tens of thousands of fans to attend the Portuguese Grand Prix at the Portimao circuit in October.

It is learned that Formula One was aiming to be the Italian Grand Prix on September 6, the first race to witness the presence of a limited number of fans.

But the Monza circuit has now confirmed that the race will take place without an audience, as ticket holders were informed of this decision on Wednesday.

“The Italian Grand Prix will be held in Formula One for the 2020 season at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit from September 4 to 6 without an audience,” said a statement from the circuit in this regard.

The value of the tickets already purchased will be fully refunded at the value indicated on them.

With that decision, the Grand Tuscan Award at the Italian Circuit Mugello is now the closest race in which Formula One can return fans to races, although this will remain within limited numbers.

However, this depends largely on the plans of the local government in Tuscany and the precautionary restrictions imposed on the region at the time of the award, as the public presence may be limited to only local fans, and the possibility of adopting a similar step for future races for this season.

In contrast, the Nürburgring circuit remains optimistic that fans will be able to attend the recently announced Eiffel Grand Prix, which will take place on October 11.

It is worth noting that 13 races have been announced on the 2020 calendar so far, with at least 8 opening races to be held without an audience after Monza’s last announcement.

On the other hand, Ferrari proposed the idea of ​​opening the door to selling Formula One cars to other teams as part of a move to secure the future of the sport, but it was rejected by the rest of the championship teams.

With the significant negative impact that the Corona virus pandemic has had on the tournament’s financial returns, many talks have been held to work out priorities and the best way to preserve the future of Formula One.

In the end, the decision was taken to continue using the 2020 cars for the season 2021 to reduce development costs for the teams, as well as postponing the new laws until the 2022 season, in addition to adopting a ceiling of expenditures of $ 145 million for the next season.

Several ideas were discussed among the teams, including the possibility of selling cars, which has been banned since 2008.

Ferrari manager Mattia Pinotto revealed that he was pushing towards opening the door for the return of car sales in Formula One, as he hoped to adopt a system similar to that of the teams in the MotoGP World Championship.

He said: «About what we must adopt in the future, during discussions of the crisis – Covid-19-, we, like the Ferrari team, put forward a proposal to consider the idea of ​​customer teams for major teams, as happens in« Moto GB ».

He continued: «But that proposal was rejected, I think by everyone in Formula One, and« Via », we understand that completely. “I think we should make a decision that we all agree.”

The controversy over the return to the sale of cars by the big teams for the small, has flared up again amid Renault’s protest against the Racing Point, which has many similar characteristics with the Mercedes 2019.

Renault had indicated that the outcome of the protest would determine the future of how the championship teams would work, while McLaren said it hoped to make further clarifications about what the teams could copy from each other.

On Ferrari’s position on the issue, Pinoto answered that it was important for all teams to be independent.

He said: «Each team must be independent from others. He should be able to do his own development. ”


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