Mohammed bin Zayed University launches a series of educational seminars


Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»
Muhammad Bin Zayed University announced artificial intelligence; The first world-wide university for postgraduate studies specialized in artificial intelligence research, launching a series of «MBZUAI Talks» sessions online, and includes a series of educational seminars aimed at exploring a number of interesting areas of artificial intelligence, from its current applications to its open future horizons.
As of today, Tuesday, these specialized sessions in artificial intelligence are held monthly, with the participation of the senior management team and faculty members at Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence.
The audience will be able to follow it through video conferencing. The sessions will provide participants with a platform to gain insight into the field of artificial intelligence and engage in open dialogue with experts in this field through a question-and-answer session.
The sessions cover a range of topics that highlight the uses of artificial intelligence in various sectors, such as health care, transportation, education, energy, and others.
The series of dialogues provides students with the opportunity to communicate with a network of strategic partners in the field of artificial intelligence and other sectors concerned, through sessions dedicated to them, managed by a group of industry professionals, from leading technical companies at the regional and global levels. And participate in these sessions, a group of experts of artificial intelligence, during which they discuss their practical experiences and research in the field of artificial intelligence, in addition to their career in its fields.
“The artificial intelligence contributed to achieving qualitative leaps in various sectors such as health care, education, aviation, and others,” said Dr. Bahjat Al Yousef, Executive Vice President of Professional and Research Services Sector at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence. While we are witnessing today an increasing spread of this unique technology in various aspects of our daily lives, the public’s knowledge of what is artificial intelligence and its capabilities is still limited so far, and from this standpoint we aim through a series of dialogues to expand the public’s knowledge of artificial intelligence and enhance its understanding of its horizons, and discuss the huge potential It has artificial intelligence to make a quantum leap in the way we live, work and acquire knowledge. ”


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