Mohamed Zidan celebrates for his son: “Happy birthday to our little monkey … We love you so much.”


Mohamed Zidan, the star of the former national team, celebrated the birthday of his youngest son, “Zizou”, who completed his second year through his personal account on Instagram, and Mohamed Zidan published pictures of his three sons and his wife, commenting, “Two years of love and happiness since you came, a happy birthday for our monkey The little one … We love you so much. “

Earlier, Mohamed Zidan, our national team striker and many former European clubs, said that the Corona virus stood in front of a period of living in several European clubs, saying: “After the return of activities, I will have a period of living with Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool, Salzburg and Schalke, and I am completely satisfied with my career. I enjoy the love of my fans, Al Ahly and Zamalek, and I remain happy when the fans say that Zidane, if with Salah’s mentality, would become the best player in the world.

و .وضح Mohamed Zidan During TV statements, that Juergen Klopp is the spiritual father of him and that he is a major reason for Mohamed Salah’s success with Liverpool, saying: “All players love Juergen Club even those who do not play from them .. And I talked to him after Salah joined Liverpool and not before him and Mohamed Salah is very diligent and focused in Only the stadium and Club love him for this. “

Mohamed Zidan revealed his position on the return of sports and soccer activity during the next few days that the decision to return the Egyptian league and sports activity in general is very good and benefits Egyptian football at the local and African levels.


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