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AS Arabia had a brief interview with Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal coach, in which he talked about his relationship with the Egyptian players and other things.

Frenchman Arsene Wenger, the man who assumed the leadership of “Gunners” between 1996 and 2018, to lead them in the 2003-2004 season to crown the 13th Premier League title in their history, a league that put them in the “Premier League” history after they achieved it without suffering any defeat. , Which is called “the unbeatable league.”

The veteran coach and expert in the English Premier League spoke to AS Arabia about the historic Liverpool season, and the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the star of the Reds and his great numbers, in this dialogue:

* At first, what do you think of Liverpool’s crowning of the Premier League this season?

Liverpool has made a big season and deserves to be crowned the title, especially since it has so many items to help it do.

* But they did not repeat the achievement of “defeat” after they were defeated in the league?

“Laughing.” This is great.

* Do you think he can win the title next year and achieve the Champions League?

-I think so, as I said, they have the elements that help them do that.

* Speaking of the elements, what do you think of the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah?

Mohamed Salah is an exceptional player, he has great abilities and is a great addition to any team he plays for.

* What are the specifications that Salah has?

– What distinguishes him most is that he combines more than one element, all of which are required in football today, as it combines high speed and physical strength, in addition to the technical quality provided on the field.

* Do you see that all these things are acquired or has it developed from itself?

– No of course, Salah has developed a lot of himself in the past years, now he has a greater tactical awareness, and he has a different vision about the competitors’ penalty area, which makes him a dangerous player anywhere on the offensive side, and he also managed with the passage of time and experiences that he gained Of all the teams he played for, he developed his scoring sensation until his left left shot became lethal for the goalkeepers.

* Of course I dealt with many players of the same style, how do these players reach this level?

– Mental strength, Mohamed Salah is like the big players in this aspect, which is that he has a mental strength, and a unique mentality, he is always positive and thinks how to develop from himself, and is always looking for more, and is not satisfied with what he has reached, this is the real key to becoming a player Big.

* Do you expect him to continue his current level for many years?

– What appears to be the matter is that Salah has not yet reached the finish line, and that more will surely come from him.

* Also dealt with another Egyptian player, Ahmed Fathy, when he was at Arsenal?

Indeed, Ahmed Fathi was a player with a good personality and a good presence.

* We learned that he contacted you recently?

Yes, he did get in touch with me to ask me some things.

* Do you think that after retirement, Fathi could become a good coach?

– I think he will become an excellent coach, who has everything to do with this role.



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