Mohamed Mounir reveals the reason for canceling his concert at the Egyptian Opera House


Egyptian artist Mohamed Mounir revealed the reason for canceling his concert, which was to be performed last Thursday evening at the Egyptian Opera House, saying in press statements that he feels a state of physical and psychological exhaustion, and he has no desire to revive concerts during this period.

He continued: “What I need is rest and recuperation, and for this reason I decided to cancel the ceremony, and I will travel to Marina and from there to Aswan and then Germany on a somewhat long vacation.” In his hometown Aswan.

Mohamed Mounir recently released a new song called “People in my Country”, on the occasion of the anniversary of the June 30 revolution. The song is written by the late poet Abd Al-Rahman Al-Abnudi, composed by Muhammad Rahim, and directed by Ahmed Abdel-Mohsen.

On May 29, Mohamed Mounir performed a concert without fans on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr. During the ceremony, Mounir was keen to reassure his fans and his fans about the surgery he performed in the pelvic joint, by standing in front of the camera on both feet to ensure that he was in good health.

Mohamed Mounir performed an accurate bone operation at a medical center in Cairo. The news portal website reported that King Mohamed Mounir performed accurate orthopedic surgery and was very successful in one of the major medical centers in Cairo.


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