Milan News Today Mystery about Ibrahimovic and an emergency before Atalanta


Milan preparations to meet Atalanta and statements of club manager Ivan Gazidis about the plans for next season, within news Milan Today, July 23, 2020.

Emergency before Atalanta

“Tootosport” indicated that Milan may have to employ Frank Kissier in the back line against his former team, Atalanta, in the 36th round of the league due to defensive absences.

Alessio Romanioli ended his season due to injury, while there is a possibility that Simon Kier will also be absent for the same reason, which could push Ivorian in this position next to Matteo Gabia.

The list of absences also includes Ismail bin Nasser and Teo Hernandez, who are due to be suspended, giving Rady Kronich and Lucas Pele a chance to participate.

Bioli comments on the extension of his contract

Stefano Bioli, Milan coach, refused to talk about renewing confidence in him and gave him a new contract, and said his focus is only on the upcoming Atalanta match.

The coach talked at the press conference about his opponent, who he described as the best in Italy and could have competed for the Scudetto had it not been for Stumbling with Yoffi, and that the first leg that ended in five was negative but was at the beginning of the team’s growth stage.

Pioli also praised the current group, especially Zlatan Ibrahimovic, although he did not disclose the possibility of his continuation or not after the end of his contract, as he expressed his fear of absence in his ranks against Atalanta.

Soso money is funded by Tunali

“La Gazzetta” reported that Milan is counting on the money it gets from selling Soso to Seville once and for all to include Sandro Tonali from Brescia.

The newspaper confirmed Rossoneri’s intention to compete Inter On the services of the Italian youth, whose price is estimated at 45 million euros, from his relegating club to the second degree.

Gazidis explains Ibrahimovic and Maldini

The club’s manager, Evan Gazidis, spoke to Corriere della Seri about several matters, the most important of which was Stefano Pioli’s confirmation in his post.

Gazidis emphasized that Bioli’s decision came not only because of recent results but because of the way he made the team play, his great professionalism and seriousness.

The manager pointed out that Paolo Maldini still has two years in his contract and expects to continue because of his important role, while regarding Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he described Al Suwaidi as one of the best in the world.

He pointed to the great role Ibrahimovic plays in helping the rest of the players, and if he spoke that the issue of his continuation is still pending and will be discussed between the two parties, the same is true for Gianluigi Donnaruma.

Scaroni: We need the new stadium

Paolo Scaroni, president of Milan, talked about the importance of building the new club stadium in partnership with Inter, with “Giorno”, as he made clear that his gains from him should reach 100 million euros, not 32 as it is now.

The president pointed out the importance of the difference in the gains in transferring the club to the ranks of adults, but the title should pass the project to the government that is busy with the local elections at the present time.

Suggested alternatives to Ibrahimovic

TOTOSPORT put together a list of replacements as Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaves AC Milan this summer after his contract expires.

The list included Olivier Giroud, Mario Mandjukic, and Gianluca Skamaka loaned from Sassuolo to Ascoli this season.


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