Microsoft’s foldable phone is ready to launch


Microsoft’s Surface Duo phone appears to be ready to launch in the coming weeks.

The dual-screen device is close to launching as new details about it appear on the FCC website.

The devices usually appear on FCC listings only a few weeks before their launch.

Although the request submitted to the committee does not reveal a lot of new information about (Surface Duo), but it indicates that Microsoft aims to launch the device before the original target planned for the 2020 holiday season.

The software giant describes the device in the documents submitted to the FCC as a Phablet device with model number 1930.

Although it has not been confirmed as a Surface Duo device, the details in the request do not lead to any other conclusion unless Microsoft has another dual-screen Android smartphone.

The 1930 model works with Android 10 and has two screens, and one document indicates that there are four configurations with both screens: folded and closed or folded and open or open by 90 degrees or flat by 180 degrees.

Besides, it was confirmed that the device contains LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, but the documents do not provide much about Microsoft’s first smartphone after it gave up the Nokia Lumia devices Windows Phone.

And the reports issued in May had stated that (Surface Duo) will work with the processor (Snapdragon 855) – the same processor that Samsung used on its foldable Galaxy Fold, which costs $ 2000.

The Microsoft foldable phone comes with 6 GB of RAM with 64 GB or 256 GB of storage space, and features an 11-megapixel camera.

The device contains two separate screens measuring 5.6 inches connected to hinges designed by Microsoft, and the device turns into a tablet computer with a screen size of 8.3 inches.

This design means that there are no expensive folding screens, but an Android dual-screen smartphone that allows developers to offer new experiences on a mobile device.

It is also equipped with a USB-C port, a nanoSIM slot, a 3450 mAh battery and a Surface Pen, and it is likely that it will have previously acquired the Office Mobile application package, which was obtained by the Galaxy Note 10 phones. in the last year.

Source: The Arab Portal


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