Microsoft has an answer to a troublesome internet problem


07/29 01:37

Getting a notification on your web browser may be a useful and quick way to get continuous updates, however, after a certain point, it can get annoying and thus distract users.

To solve this issue on Edge Browser, Microsoft introduced the “Quiet Notifications” feature in Chromium-based version 84.

As the name implies, this feature does not primarily block website notification requests made via notifications or payment APIs but makes them appear with a bell called “Blocked Notifications” in the bar

In a blog post, the company said that this is done to reduce the visibility of notification requests so that the user can continue to focus on his current mission, and at the same time keep the request in a noticeable place in the user interface.

Essentially, this feature works as a popup blocker that you see on Chrome that blocks a popup window and also notifies users of everything while getting rid of the distraction.

If the user wants to see what the notification says, they can check it by clicking on the bell icon and even allowing future notifications from this specific site.

This feature is enabled by default for all Microsoft Edge users, however, those who don’t want it can turn it off by heading to edge: // settings / content / ifications.

The company added: “We chose to turn this setting on by default for users in Microsoft Edge 84 due to the huge amount of user feedback about unwanted notification subscriptions; we hope quiet notification requests help reduce unintended subscriptions.”


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