Mercedes is confident of solving its gearbox problems in Austria


Mercedes has confirmed its confidence in the ability to solve the gearbox problem it encountered during the first race for the 2020 season in Austria at the Red Bull Ring.

Mercedes driver Valtieri Potas topped the 71st race to finish first, while teammate Hamilton finished second before being returned to fourth after the penalty he received for his accident with Alexander Albon.

But both drivers received warnings from the teams about the gearbox throughout the race, as the team asked them to stay away from the sideline as much as possible.

Mercedes coach Tutu Wolf explained that the problem started very early in the race, as it was feared that it would cause an “immediate breakdown” of the two cars.

Mercedes has always suffered from poor reliability on the Red Bull circuit during previous seasons, as the team has had little time to solve the problem before the second race.

Wolf expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to find a solution and avoid any potential problems in this regard.

He said, “We have a great group on Simon Cole in terms of reliability on the track, and he and his team will find a solution to the problem.”

He continued, “From what I understood there is a solution that can reduce the severity of the risk. The Austrian circuit is definitely putting more pressure on these pieces than all other circuits.”

He continued, “So if we find a way to protect the car in the next race, that would be good. I think we have ideas about that.”

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On the other hand, Wolf pointed out that reliability problems are due to the crosstalk in Red Bull Ring, which drivers used to use when exiting some turns to improve their lap times.

He said: “Side rims are the cause of reliability problems. It is a great circuit, but if you go out on the rims continuously – which is among the laws – then you will damage the car’s suspension.”

He added: “It is a permanent solution for the driver, how fast you want it and how much it will come out on the edge, and it is clear that drivers by their nature want the maximum possible speed.”

He concluded: “If you do, you risk damaging the suspension, and the car’s vibrations may cause it to break.”

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