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Source: Salah Hassan – Iram News

The Saudi activist exited Hind Al-Qahtani, About her silence about the attack that she was subjected to after she posted a “outside” comment, which she received from a follower via “Social Media”, explaining that she was surprised by calls and messages from some people, so she deleted the comment because it was not intended to be published.

Hind Al-Qahtani broadcast a video clip through her account in the “Snapchat” application, in which she defended herself, saying that those who accuse her of deliberately publishing the comment “outside” are difficult for them to believe, adding, “I am, in my interest, I get this dirty talk.”

She asked her followers to blame and blame the “dirty” person, adding: “Then yoh, I will not return to you.

Al-Qahtani said, “Some of them are stupid, so sending it to the email means the fastest way to catch it.”

And she added, “These men have insanity and insanity … What I do know is abuse and then sent with a text of reason.”

She concluded her speech by saying: “The problem is that these types are the ones who accuse women of lacking reason and religion, and he who has no mind does not exceed a grain of pistachios” as she put it.


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