Manchester City rips Brighton in the English Premier League


Sharjah 24 – Asaad Khalil:
Manchester City team taught host Brighton a tough lesson in football art and defeated 5/0 during their match in the thirty-fifth round of the English Premier League.

Manchester City progressed with a goal scored by Raheem Sterling in the 21st minute. Gabriel Jesus added the second goal in the 44th minute, then Sterling added the third goal to Manchester, in the 53rd minute, then Bernardo Silva scored the fourth goal in the 56th minute before Sterling scored the fifth goal, with the help of the Brighton players in The 81st minute.

Manchester City raised its score to 72 points in second place, 21 points behind Liverpool, which was already crowned the league title, and Brighton’s balance stopped at 26 points in fifteenth place.

This victory is the 23rd for Manchester City in the league this season, against a loss in nine games and a draw in three, while this loss has become the fifteenth for Brighton, compared to winning in eight games and a tie in 12 games.


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