Mai Ezz El-Din filmed scenes of a “silk thread” in one of the villas in Orabi Society


The star Mai Ezz El-Din is currently filming several scenes of her series, “Silk Thread”, inside a villa in the Orabi Association area for 48 hours, as Mai returned to resume filming again, after a hiatus of more than 3 months due to the pandemic of the emerging corona virus, and Mai visualized her scenes Inside her home location, the scenes gather her with Mahmoud Abdel-Moghny and Hanady Mohanna.

The “Silk Thread” series has a workload of nearly a month at the latest, and the team finishes filming in full, after which the company will decide to present the date of its presentation, after completing the stages of montage and mixing, setting the soundtrack, graphics and so on.

Mai Ezz El-Din in “Silk Thread” returns to the type of social series in which she has succeeded during the past years, where she presented this quality in “Waad”, “A Case of Love” and “Rasayel” and Al-Shek “, after she headed to the comedy in her latest series,” Princessa Baisa “. Which was shown last Ramadan.

The “Khair Hayet” series, which will be co-starred with Mai Ezz El-Din, by Mahmoud Abdel-Moghny, Sawsan Badr, Nicolas Moawad, Mai Selim, Hanadi Mehani, Ahmed Khalil, Youssef Othman, Mohamed Suleiman, Safa El-Toukhy, Walaa Al-Sharif, Hanan Suleiman, Ahmed Siyam, Yasmine Rahmy, Nesma El-Naggar, written by Mohamed Suleiman Abdel-Malek, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, and produced by Synergie.

The last work of Mai Izz al-Din last Ramadan was the series “Princessa Baisa” written by Farouk Hashem and Mustafa Omar directed by Akram Farid and produced by Synergy Company, and co-starred by Bossi, Emir of Al-Masry, Muhammad Anwar, Suleiman Eid, Iman Al-Sayed, Hajj Abdel-Azim, and Hussam Dagher, Sami Maghawry and Dhiaa Al-Mirghani.


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