Luis Garcia reveals to AS Arabia the reasons for not extending his contract with Saudi youth


Club announced Saudi youth On the termination of his contract with his Spanish coach Luis Garcia This was after he refused to extend his contract with the club, according to the statement issued.

Al-Shabab issued a statement stating that the departure came due to the lack of an agreement between the two parties to extend its contract until the end of this season due to the pandemic of the new Corona virus «Covid-19», which disrupted the Saudi League.

And all the Saudi clubs have tried to extend the contracts of their players and coaches, which are supposed to end this season due to the Corona virus and the serious damage it left.

Issued by the management of Al-Shabab Club as follows:

“The coach of the first football team of the youth club, Mr. Luis Garcia, apologized for extending his contract with the club to lead the team until the end of the current sporting season, on condition of signing a contract for an additional year, explaining that he received another training offer.”

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The statement continued: «In turn, the club’s management maintained its decision not to sign with Spanish coach Luis Garcia for an additional year until the end of the current sports season and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the technical staff, knowing that the coach’s contract expires at the end of this month on July 30 and this will lead the club’s administration to end the contract with a technical device New in the coming days to lead the first team in the club for the remainder of this season and next season.Garcia commented on this in special statements to “AS Arabia” saying: “My family is the most important to me. If my family comes to Saudi Arabia, the study begins in September and the Arab championship that young people compete with may end on September 20, if my contract is not renewed.” With young people, my children will lose school in Spain, but if I start school in Spain and do not renew my contract, they will not be able to attend until next December ».

Young people seek to bring in a new coach during the coming period after the decision to resume the local competition on August 4


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