Loyalty to the martyr remains to prevent the inflammatory speech


The Socialist Progressive Party mourned in a statement Young Samo Ghosn who died today After a year spent in the hospital after he was injured in the “Kabarshmoun – Al-Basatin” incident last summer, when an armed conflict occurred between supporters of “Progressive” and the convoy of the former minister, Saleh al-Gharib, led to the killing of the two young men, Rami Salman and Samer Abu Farraj, during the visit of the President of the Free Patriotic Movement Representative Gibran Bassil to Aley.
The progressive statement stated: With sadness, pain and grief that surrounds the mountain in general, the young Samo Ghosn rose as a martyr in the spring of life, after a long struggle for life and bitter suffering with the injury he suffered in the traumatic gardening incident more than a year ago.Fulfillment of the martyr remains in preventing any form of inflammatory discourse that Samo died, in addressing all attempts to sow discord, and in continuing efforts to address this unfortunate incident and its tails with the legal principles and monotheistic norms that the people of the mountain have always relied on in the face of the tribulations that afflict them .

May God have mercy on the martyr, Samo Ghosn, and my sincere condolences to his family, companions, and the people of the mountain.


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