Lotfi Labib (Manganese Dioxide) !!


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Too many rumors chasing celebrities, whether they are under the spotlight or willingly choose to shade, or have to wait for illness .. The great great artist, Lotfy Labib, was let down by his physical strength after his recent injury, and his ability to move became limited, but his riotous spirit exceeded all limits, He is, as usual, witty-minded, present intuitive, does not wait to stand in front of the camera just to be present or to get a fee and his condition as he said (hidden God praise), but the man worries him all these rumors that have become in recent years chasing him, indicating the deterioration of his health.

Lotfi always has a screen that his eyes uttered, and a face in the state of welcoming everyone who meets him, I remember in the few times that I had the good fortune of meeting unforgettable glimpses in commenting on everything that is going on in life and even on himself, for he is the phrase “all women are beautiful, except what he wrote God is for us. “And when you ask him about the role he is playing now, he says: I play the role of” Manganese Dioxide “, on the basis that this element plays an auxiliary role in chemical reactions, and most of the roles played by” Labib “whether in the cinema, television or theater belong To normal manganese dioxide .. This is his opinion and not my opinion !!.

“Lotfy Labib” belongs to a special tribe in artistic life, those who start their lives in small roles and then move to the main roles, but they usually do not reach the ranks of first-class stars who are leading (the Avish), such as Hassan Hosni, Lotfy Labib and Bayoumi Fouad and Izzat Abu Aouf, Ahmed Ratib, Salah Abdullah, Riyadh Al-Khouli, Ahmed Khalil, Khairiya Ahmed, and Rajaa Al-Jeddawi .. They are the ones who called them Lotfi the expression (stars of the midfield), they do not achieve the goal that the audience applauds, but they prepare the ball for the star until it achieves the goal, and despite their difference in performance and contrast Their level between one art work and another you will find that each of them has a huge balance, their philosophy is usually in life that you today may be required and urgently, but tomorrow is not safe the consequences, as if they are echoing with “Omar Khayyam” in his quadruples that sung Umm Kulthum (tomorrow tomorrow by the back of the unseen and today to me / how much Disappointment in the coming) and because they are afraid of tomorrow .. they hold all the roles that come to them, and sometimes their talents are dissipated because of their interaction with the large number of characters, I do not imagine that the artist can live at the same time all these characters, always the creator needs spaces Of time space does not win Ghal in it except in one role that he wakes up and sleeps on, you find with these talented people an unforgettable expressive glimpses like “Lotfi Labib”, which I liked in his reincarnation of the role of the Alzheimer’s patient in Sitcom “Tamer and Shawkeya”, and he achieved a great success in the role of the Israeli ambassador in the movie (The Embassy In architecture), the artistic community, as usual, was only able to invest his talent a little. Director Sharif Arafa will find it in the introduction to the few, who give space in their films to Lotfy Labib, “Manganese dioxide”. We have the right to exclude it from any harmful interaction with the rumors !!.

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