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Mercato Day site offers you a live broadcast of the game “Chelsea and West Ham United” in the most important matches today Wednesday 1-7-2020 in the 32nd round, the English Premier League.

The “Chelsea West Ham United” match will be broadcast on BN Sports 1 and 2, with the voice of Yemeni commentator “Hassan Al Aidarous”, as well as on the German Sky Sport 1 channel, and the Dutch channel Zigo Sport.

The match starts at 19:15 GMT, 21:15 Egypt time, 22:15 Saudi time, at West Ham United Stadium, “London Olympic”.

“Chelsea” is fourth in the table with 54 points, and will strive to win in order to continue to maintain the position qualified for the Champions League, as it faces fierce competition from fifth place Manchester United, who raised the balance to the 52nd point after its victory yesterday Tuesday on “Brighton” with three clean.

On the other hand, “West Ham United” competes to survive the relegation to the first division “Championship”, where it occupies the 17th place with 27 points, and with a difference of goals from “Bournemouth”, which occupies the first positions threatened with relegation, and a difference of one point from “Watford” Which is 16th.

The last 5 matches played by the two teams in the English Premier League, “Chelsea” won in 4 games and received one loss, while “West Ham United” won only one match and lost in 4.

The last confrontation between “Chelsea and West Ham United” in the Premier League ended with the victory of the Hummers with a clean goal, in the match that was held at “Stamford Bridge” on November 30, 2019.

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Chelsea 2-3 West Ham

London Olympic Stadium (West Ham)

English Premier League (32nd Round)


Live broadcast written “moment to moment”

  • Hello and welcome to this live broadcast of the Chelsea and West Ham United match of the 32nd round of the English Premier League.
  • The events of the match will transmit to you, moment by moment, “Mohab Zayed” from the Mercato Day website.
  • We ask you to update this page every minute to get the details of the match up to date.
  • كيلة Chelsea squad: Kiba – Azbelquita – Christensen – Rodiger – Alonso – Barclay – Kante – Kovacic – Willian – Abraham – Policic.
  • هام West Ham United squad: Fabianski – Fredericks – Diop – Ogona – Cresswell – Rice – Souchic – Bowen – Lanzini – Fornals – Antonio.
  • “1🟢 The whistle at the start of the match from referee Martin Atkinson ..
  • 1 Chelsea playing today with the new season shirt 2020/21.
  • 15 The first quarter of the half has passed and a negative tie remains between the two teams.
  • 34⚽❌ Lostham United eliminated goal by Socchik.
  • “36 The replay clarifies the mouse’s decision to cancel the goal … striker Antonio was in offside position and took part in the Soccer game.
  • 40 penalty kick in favor of Chelsea after a clear obstruction by defender Diop over Polisic.
  • 41⚽Goooooooowol first goal for Chelsea .. Willian takes the penalty kick and pays it off with his right hand to the right of goalkeeper Fabianski.
  • “45 match rule adds 3 minutes as a stoppage time.
  • “45 + 2Gowooooowall the equalizer Lost Ham by defender Sostchik from the corner.
  • “45 + 3 end of the first half with a positive tie (1-1).
  • “45🟢 the beginning of the second half.
  • “50⚽Goooooooowell, second goal for West Ham by striker Mickel Antonio with a perfect pass from Bowen.
  • 52🔄 First switch to Chelsea with Kovacic exit and Mason Mount disembarkation.
  • “57 Lostham’s quick rebounds end with Manuel Lanzini who hit the ball wide.
  • “63 لان لان لتش لان لان خروج دفعة لان ب ب ب ب ب ب ب ب بارك تش Barclay exit, Lofts Check out, Abraham exit, زز ج
  • 64 Loftus Check almost scored the equalizer after a cross from Pulisic.
  • 65🟨 Yellow Card on West Ham player Manuel Lanzini after a strong intervention by Chelsea captain Cesar Azbelicueta.
  • “67 The first Lost Hamm replacement with the exit of Manuel Lanzini and the exit of Jack Wilshere.
  • “68 minutes rest for the” Cooling Break “teams.
  • 71⚽Jooooooooo equalizer for Chelsea by Willian from a direct free kick.
  • 77🔄 The second switch of Lost Hamm, with Bowen exiting and leaving Yarmolenko.
  • 80 Miquel Antonio almost scored the third goal of the Hummers had it not been for Kiba’s shine.
  • “88⚽Goooooooool The third goal of Lost Hamm by Yarmolenko’s alternative is more than wonderful.
  • “89th goal in perfect timing, perfect.
  • 90 The referee Atkinson adds 4 minutes as a stoppage time.
  • “90 + 4 whistle at the end of the match with West Ham United winning 3-0 in a fun match.
  • This is where the live broadcast ends.
  • We hope you enjoyed this coverage, and bye in other games.

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